Crafting Code with Linguistic Precision-LINGSOFT at the Forefront of Language Technology.

Our NDS Lingsoft Solutions is a private limited company, exclusively focusing on R & D in Natural Language Processing based on Computational Linguistics and Language Technology. It was established in 2011 by Prof. N. Deiva Sundaram Ph.D., who was the former Head, Dept of the Tamil Language and Linguistic Studies, University of Madras, Chennai. He had established there a unit of Computational Linguistics and Language Technology. He was the Course Director for Post-graduate and doctoral programs in Computational linguistics.

Now he is the Managing Director of this company. The uniqueness of this company is the conglomeration of Grammatical Studies, Linguistics, and Computer Science. Our mission is to break the language barriers and to alleviate the "digital divide" that pervades in our society. So, in addition to our R&D in this field, we concentrate on the development of our products and on undertaking projects to fulfill the aspirations of other organizations.

Our staff are both academically and professionally qualified and have firsthand experience in their respective fields.

Best Tamil S/W AWARD WINNER 2013

All three NLP approaches - Empirical or rule-based, Statistical, and Neural Network approaches - come in handy to augment our research and development. To cope with the present emergence of Artificial Networks in NLP, we concentrate on fine-tuning the existing Large Language Models (LLM) for Indian languages. We hope that our computational linguistic tools will be immensely helpful in preparing the dataset with the necessary linguistic annotations.